Entry to RIAI Competition for Dublin City University New Entrance

Entry to RIAI Competition for Dublin City University New Entrance

Project Description

Aligned to either side of the Central Campus Avenue Axis at the main Entrance from Collins Avenue, a Concave Wall and Convex Arch are placed, derived initially from one solid form similar to the provision of education to a Student from a Teacher and University. Due to the confined nature of access from the right due to the Location of the Nursing Building, a Convex Arch is placed- pedestrians pass beneath this Arch receiving a sense of arrival. Due to the revised Road Layout discussed further in this report, a widening of the opening is possible to the left where an emplacing Concave wall is positioned. This subsequently widens further to form a new Plaza Area for Seating, Meeting, Eating, Performance and Sculpture Installations- adding to the existing Public areas of the Campus, which provides a renewed purpose for the Entrance area in addition to Vehicular circulation. Both of Curved Feature the height of the existing boundary\ fence, increase in height to reflect the increase in both the scale and importance of the University from the domestic Collins Avenue before diminishing in height to ground level as an open, democratic and welcoming expression. These simple organic expressions are both a recognizable feature on the Streetscape reflect DCU’s Existing Branding.
Aligned along the Central Avenue Axis of the Entrance Area, an abstracted expression of ‘Ogham’ writing signifying DCU; Two Horizontal Asymmetrical Lines, Four Asymmetrical Lines and Three Symmetrical Lines. These Lines become Verticals, are repeated and are offset at a diminishing scale forming the underlying grid of the repeating central columns, signage, wayfinding, landscaping, sculpture areas, seating, bollards, lighting, paving etc. This expression creates a number of perceived Planes and Volume Sizes dependent on Vehicular, Cyclist, Pedestrian, Seating etc, acting as an intermediately and easing the transition from the Low Rise Residential Area to Medium Rise Mixed-Use Campus, the Public to the Semi Public.

Feature Columns, lining the newly formed central island of the Avenue act as immediately identifiable beacons to the main entrance from both within and without towards the Main Campus Entry. The Height of the Main Axis features decreasing increase in height and hierarchy in 1,989mm Modules (1989 the Year the College was founded) towards the Main Entrance peaking at 11,934mm High, Approximately 12,000mm high (12,000 Pupil Current Student population of the Campus), and acting as an additional wayfinding method, from the number directions visually connected with the area concerned in the brief. Clear Text Graphics are also applied between Columns Channels outlining the Core Principles, Mission and Values of DCU. The concept of these feature columns could be repeated elsewhere on the campus to the same effect in alternative heights, design etc. i.e. the main Pedestrian entrance further down Collins Avenue. RGB LED’s Outdoor Display are fixed between these the channels of these columns allowing for individual control of colour and repeating sequences- with the possibility of Light installations by invited Artists, ‘colouring’ of the entrance for different events e.g. Green for St. Patrick’s Day, red and green for Christmas etc. and maintaining their presence during dusk and darkness.

A number of Sculptural Pieces in addition to those of the main concept are included, in-line with DCU’s vision and brand expression expression of Ireland University of Enterprise to life across the campus through various means; at the Main Entrance and Forming one element of New Signage is ‘Floating Letter’- coming together from one perspective to form the DCU emulate the Mission- to develop, create and engage individuals to think appearing abstracted until viewed in aligned clarity upon entry to the Campus. Located in the Plaza is ‘Out of the Box’- representing the universal transfer of ideas, correspondence & means of agreement on a recyclable media.


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